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Our Greatest Hits

Generous Financial Aid
The Friends Of Noah
It's Game Time Somewhere

Wisconsin's Private Colleges had a great story to tell that started with generous financial aid. We told that story with billboards, countless media interviews, and an online scholarship contest.


"Because of you, we raised our visibility in so many ways. We became a player."

At Go2Guy Communications, we're a sucker for stories about critters. The Friends of Noah is an animal rescue group that specializes in keeping  families and pets together. And they do it by providing free pet food for folks facing tough times. That's a story that matters and one we were proud to tell through TV and radio interviews, and with a special video program.

Tim Forbes is a great story. A former college basketball player and succesful businessman who chucked it all for a new career in pro sports. It's Game Time Somewhere, is about Tim's one year journey to 100 events to find his love of sports again. First, we helped Tim tell his story to potential investors and raise the seed money to promote his book. Then we helped launch his new career as an author.

Not All Stories Are Easy
Travel Stories Are Fun

Tom Peele wrote about the murder of an Oakland, California reporter in a gripping book called Killing The Messenger. We helped Tom tell the story of Chauncey Bailey in op-eds like this one for the Cleveland Plain Dealer as well as television interviews in Washington, D.C.

Go2Guy loves travel clients. For the Wisconsin Department of Tourism we've covered everything from the home of America's smelliest cheese, to some of the best baseball in the Midwest, and truly one-of-a-kind hotels and roller coasters

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