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Who we are

Go2Guy Communications is dedicated to telling your story with care, passion, and commitment.

We will help you define your message and the most effective targets. 




You should hire us because we are very good at getting the media's attention.


We will cut through all of the noise that's out there and focus attention on your story.


Our team has worked on special events, book launches, campaigns, and we helped promote the world's largest outdoor fundraiser. 


As media veterans, we've helped write and place our clients opinion pieces on everything from drug abuse problems to dangerous toys.


We're good at video, too. In our trophy case are two Emmy Awards (along with a lot of other shiny statues) and we can help you harnass the power of video into a compelling message.








What we do...


At Go2Guy Communications we tell your story. On good and bad days. On the days you're on top of the world and on days when the dogs are at the door.


Go2Guy Communications is a collaboration of independent media professionals; Emmy Award-winning producers, writers, web designers, graphic artists, and photographers - all dedicated to their craft and telling your story. 


Most of our work is with the news media. You'll get the advantage of both our experience and our media connections. We'll help you define your story, and make sure you're ready to step out front. And when you sit down for an interview, we're there with you. 


We are not a downtown public relations firm. No fancy offices. No leather furniture. Everyone sits in one room and it gets noisy at times. Our rates reflect a true passion for the project that are less than half the downtown rate.


G2G can turn on a dime. We've worked with clients in critical media situations and crafted emergency response releases and talking points in hours instead of days. You need us? You call. We answer 24/7. It's as simple as that. 


And now a story about Bart Starr....


If you were a kid in the 60's there's a good chance you've heard of Bart Starr. The legendary Packers quarterback was a hero to millions, especially the World War II generation.


Milwaukee, Wisconsin was throwing a party for those veterans to raise money for Honor Flights to take these brave men and women to Washington, D.C. to see their war memorial.  Go2Guy Communications not only helped promote the event through extra media coverage, but we wrote and arranged for #15 to deliver a special video message to the vets.


That night more than 30,000 people showed up at Miller Park - setting a Guiness Book of World Records for outdoor fundraisers - to say, "thank you," to the veterans who risked everything for the world.


That event, that night, defines the kind of story Go2Guy Communications is proud to tell.

































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